Carpet Shampooing

Rotary Shampoo


Rotary shampooing si one of the oldest methods of cleaning carpet on location. In recent years, it has received undue criticism from promoters of steam extraction cleaning. Rotary shampooing, when used properly is in fact a very effective system for cleaning carpet. Rotary shampooing utilizes a 175 RPM rotary floor machine equipped with a solution tank and shower feed brush. After thorough vacuuming, the carpet is scrubbed while a shampoo solution is fed through the shower feed brush, which suspends soils. Early shampoo formulation were responsible for leaving sticky residues causing accelerated resoling; however, the synthetic detergent formulations available today have minimized this problem. Modern shampoo formulations such as Kleen Kuip's Kuik Dry Shampoo dries to crystalline residues that can be easily vacuumed out of the carpet.

Following shampooing wet vacuuming with wet dry vacuum equipment is optional. This step in the shampooing process is commonly overlooked. The best results are achieved when the carpet is rinse extracted after shampooing; however, the possibility of over wetting is increased. Following drying, thorough dry vacuuming is important to remove loose soil and crystallized detergent residues. Grooming or pile setting is also very important as the carpet pile is distorted from the scrubbing action and if allowed to dry, will have an uneven appearance.

Rotary Shampoo


  • Very economical to use.
  • Low equipment and chemical cost.
  • Relatively high production rates can be achieved.
  • Excellent agitation produces deep cleaning and chemical distribution producing good overall cleaning results.


  • Over wetting and pile distortion can occur with careless operator. (Improperly scrubbing or incorrect brushes are a principal cause of pile distortion.)
  • High level of operator skill required for best results.
  • Residues can increase resoiling if improper chemicals are used.