About the Library

Online Cleaning library of the International Institute of Care to Buildings – it’s an electronic repository of various information materials for the cleaning industry.

Most materials can be viewed online, in some cases it’s allowed to print or download them.



Library collection includes several main sections:

• Standards
• Class books
• References
• User's Guide
• Samples of documents
• Magazines
• Articles
• Catalogues
• Presentations

• Seminars
• Webinars
• Trainings
• Video Presentations

• Photo reports
• Clip arts
• Miscellaneous

• Programs
• Applications
• Add-ons




There are three levels of access to the library:


Free access - opened for the registered users. To get this level You need to register on the site only.

Guild Member access - opened for the members of the Professional Cleaning Guild and the Club -Materials available for members of the Professional Cleaning Guild and the Club.
Premium Premium access - Materials available for companies, serviced on a consultingcontract basis from the International Institute of Care to Buildings.


Review of materials in the library can be watched by everyone.
If You don’t have appropriate access or You have got limited access, there is way to purchase them instantly by online payment.





Catalog of the library has a filtering system - possibility to choose and find materials by relevant characteristics.

From the catalog you get to the overview page of the materials, and then to the page of the material itself.

Announcements in the directory are arranged by sections and since the last earnings.